Churdchai Cheowtirakul

Prof. Churdchai Cheowtirakul

Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand


  • B.Sc. (Honor) Public Health, Mahidol University
  • M.A. (Microbiology) University of California, Davis
  • Ph.D. (Microbiology) University of California, Davis


  • Researcher in food process development, Institute of food research and product development, Kasetsart University
  • Project analyst in Biotechnology investment Venture Capital Fund, First Financial Corporation, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
  • Managing Director of First Financial Corporation, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
  • Technical Director of Padriew Egg Product Company Limited
  • Dean of Biotechnology Faculty, Assumption University
  • Board Committee of Advance Agro-tech Co., Ltd.
  • Board Committee of Chiang rai Holding Co., Ltd.
  • Advisory board of Tops Supermarket
  • Food Hygiene consultant of Star-Mark (Caltex)
  • Food Hygiene consultant of Macro Superstore
  • Guest Lecturer of Food Science department, Chulalongkon University
  • Guest Lecturer of Biotechnology department, Thammasart University



  • The study of biosurfactant as a cleaning agent for insecticide residue in leafy vegetable Churdchai Cheowtirakul and Nguyen Dieu Linh,  AU Journal of Technology, Volume 14 Number 2, October 2010, page 75
  • Oral Presentation at in the titled “Free Fatty Acid from Palm Oil refinery by product for Biodiesel production”  at The BIT’s 3rd World Congress of Industrial Biotechnology 2010 (ibio-2010) at Dalian, China on July 24-27, 2010
  • Paper Presentation “The Study of Biosurfactant As a cleaning Agent for Insecticide Residue in Leafy Vegetable” at Osaka, Japan on 21-24 November 2008
  • Oral presentation intitled “ Monascus purpureus : Natural Microbial Inhibitor in Feed ” at Southern Yangtze University in The 7th International Conference of Food Science and Technology (7th ICFST) , China on November 12th – 15th, 2007